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World Congress 2011

WCD 2011 Briefing Book ImageAt the 2011 World Congress of Dermatology, P&G Beauty & Grooming scientists presented new research in 'Omics' (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics), male grooming, hair care and skin care that supports scientific advancements and will lead to future product development.

Select the Media Resources image to the left to learn more about innovative science used by our scientists to deliver products with meaningful, measurable results.

To learn how P&G Beauty & Grooming is applying cutting-edge ‘Omics’ research and technologies across skin and hair, for men and women around the world, take a look at this comprehensive ‘Omics’ Research Update. For posters presented during the meeting, click on the links below:

P&G Beauty & Grooming posters presented at WCD 2011:

8-Year Longitudinal Hair Aging Study

10 Year Longitudinal Japanese Study Tracking Facial Skin Aging

A 3-Product Salicylic Acid Regimen Effectively Treats Acne Vulgaris in Post- Adolescent Women

Advantages of Powered Implements for Facial Cleansing

Blade Shaving A Key Step to Male Skin Care

Co Polymer Blend Technology for Aging Hair

Differences in visual perception of age and attractiveness of female facial and body skin

Discovery of the Anti Fungal Mechanism of Action of Zinc Pyrithione

Does a Woman's Skin Colour Indicate Her Fertility Level

Evaluation of the Depigmentation Effect of an Alpha- MSH Antagonist

Hydration and Skin Condition in Context of Shaving

Improved Facial Surface Sebum and Pore Appearance with Niacinamide and SDA

Interaction of Skin Colour Distribution and Skin Surface Topography Cues

Non-Invasive Objective Measures of Scalp Health

Objective Measurement of Shaving Effects Upon Skin

Power of Protocol Clinical Studies Show Cosmetic Regimens are More Powerful than Single Products

Reduced Appearance of Facial Wrinkles with Pal KTTKS Peptide containing Moitsurizer

Skin Appearance Benefits From A 3-Product Salycylic Acid Anti Acne Regimen

Skin Biomarkers as objective measures of stratum corneum barrier

Stereoimaging of Trapped Hairs

The Role of Adrengergic Beta Receptors for Skin Pigmentation.pdf

The Role of the Scalp Follicular Infundibulum in Dandruff

Topical Turmeric Extract in a Moisturizing Cream Formula

Transcriptomic Profiling Reveals New Insights Into the Pathogenesis of Dandruff

Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine Inhibits Stem Cell Factor Production in Human Karetinocytes

Use of a Two Step Depilatory Treatment Process to Enable Skin Benefits During Chemical Hair Removal

Utilizing Proteomics to Characterize Hair and Hair Damage at the molecular level

Visible Changes of Female Facial Skin Surface Topography in Relation to Age and Attractiveness Perception

Visualization via Electon Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging of UV Induced Oxidative Stress in Skin

‘Omics’ at P&G Beauty & Grooming
Dr. Jay Tiesman

Innovations in Male Grooming
Dr. Kristina Vanoosthuyze 

The Science of Shaving
Dr. Kevin Cowley

New Research in Antiperspirants 
Dr. David Swaile 

Age-Old Ingredients, Novel Topical Skin Applications
Dr. Laura Goodman

Inspiration in Skin Care
Dr. David Khoo

Skin Care Innovations
Dr. Rosmarie Osborne 

Skin Care Research Preview
Dr. Rosmarie Osborne The World of Hair of WCD
Dr. Steve Shiel Welcome Address from WCD 2011
Phil Marchant and Colin D'Silva Advances in Body Care Research
Dr. Rolanda Johnson
New Innovations in Facial Cleansing
Dr. Greg Hillebrand

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