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Aging—It's Not Just Face Value

Aging skin is commonly associated with the face, but research demonstrates that skin on the hands, chest and legs also contributes to overall perceived age. P&G Beauty & Grooming researchers are using new technologies to develop formulas that address anti-aging for the entire body.

Anti-Aging for the Whole Body

Historically, most anti-aging skin care products have focused on facial skin, but new research suggests that body skin also contributes to age perception and attractiveness. In fact, many of the same signs of aging on facial skin also appear on the body as we age.

Body skin aging can be especially noticeable around the neck, décolletage, hands, arms and knees - where skin loses elasticity and is frequently exposed to the elements. Key signs and factors of aging on the body include:

  1. The loss of elasticity
  2. Visible dryness
  3. Lack of moisture
  4. Dull skin
  5. Uneven skin tone
  6. Rough skin
  7. The appearance of dry lines

In collaboration with Dr. Bernhard Fink, University of Goettingen, P&G Beauty and Grooming scientists have evaluated perceived age and attractiveness when body skin, specifically on the neck, décolletage, hands, arms and knees, is judged independently from facial skin. Study results revealed that body skin can actually decrease perceived age by up to a decade.

With this research in mind, P&G Beauty & Grooming scientists are using new technologies to develop formulas that address anti-aging needs for the entire body.

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Holistic Approach to Anti-Aging

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