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Basic Research

All products from P&G Beauty & Grooming start with basic, biological research. It is here that scientists explore genetics to gain a better understanding of human biological function, as well as delve into alternatives to animal testing. Explore examples of P&G Beauty & Grooming's biological research and development in the studies below:

Dandruff Treatment Developments

PTZ shampoos are recognized as some of the most effective over-the-counter dandruff treatments available.Scientists from P&G Beauty have leveraged the power of zinc to improve pyrithione zinc (PTZ) shampoos, making them twice as effective as before. This development came after scientists at P&G Beauty advanced the scientific understanding of dandruff by accurately identifying the exact organism that causes dandruff and prizing out the exact etiological mechanism through which dandruff inflammation occurs.
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Evaluation of Cosmetic Ingredients in Tissue Engineered Human Skin In Vitro

As an innovative leader in science and technology, P&G Beauty & Grooming acknowledges the importance of finding new ways of studying ingredient and product safety and efficacy without the use of animal testing. Dr. Rosemarie Osborne has studied the use of In Vitro human skin and cornea equivalents not only for assessing the potential irritant responses of skin and eyes , but also as predictive tools for better understanding responses of the skin to ingredients commonly used in anti-aging and other personal care products. Learn more »

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