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Connect + Develop

In order to keep up with the accelerating pace of innovation today, it is important for P&G Beauty & Grooming research and development to be able to connect and partner with research institutions around the world. This would include seeking out innovative technology to be used and applied within the area of beauty and grooming science, as well as learning more about advances in fields of basic research applicable to health and beauty. These alliances help continue to make P&G Beauty & Grooming a leader in beauty science.

SIAscopy Reaches New Heights to Measure Melanin Concentration

There is a great need for objective and non-invasive methods to measure properties and changes in situ and in vivo in human skin. P&G Beauty & Grooming researchers looking for a better way to measure changes in skin pigmentation have partnered with Astron Clinica to adapt SIAscopy (Spectrophoto-metric Intracutaneous Analysis), a tool originally used to detect melanoma cells. Learn more »

P&G Joins Forces with India's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Oftentimes, global partnerships allow multiple organizations to join together, each using unique strengths to create innovative products. P&G Beauty & Grooming's partnership with India's Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is just one such example. Learn more »

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