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Consumer Research

Consumer research is a science in its own right. At P&G Beauty & Grooming, consumer research experts use a broad array of techniques with the ultimate objective of collecting information that will be helpful to our product development team. Explore examples from the world of P&G Beauty & Grooming consumer research through the following studies:

Skin's Texture Influences Perception of Beauty

Age spots and skin color unevenness are potentially important visual cues of human health and beauty. To observe this, Drs. Matts, Fink and Grammar recently lead a study observing the single-variable contribution of skin color distribution in the perception of age and attractiveness. Learn more »

Defining Natural Looking Hair Color

Most hair color consumers will say that they want their hair color to look more natural, but natural looking color is different for every person. P&G Beauty & Grooming Researchers combined spectrophotometry with consumer research on the attributes of natural looking hair color to create a natural hair color model.
Learn more »

What is Consumer Research?

P&G Beauty & Grooming is committed to pursuing the highest level of scientific research and technology in order to understand and meet the needs and desires of men and women. This dedication makes consumer research extremely important during the P&G Beauty & Grooming product development process. Learn more »

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