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Female Hair Removal

Female Grooming Throughout History
Throughout history, women have relied on a variety of resources and tools to remove unwanted hair with the goal of feeling more feminine. Smooth, hair-free legs and skin are now part of women’s regular beauty routine and continuous new technological breakthroughs are helping women attain easily achievable and satisfying results. Learn More>

The Science of Hair Growth and Skin
The newest breakthroughs and developments we benefit from in our beauty routines start in the high-tech research and development laboratories at P&G Beauty & Grooming. To achieve the best hair-removal results, it is important to understand the science behind hair and skin, as well as how hair grows. Learn More>

Female Hair Removal Options
Hair removal is a big part of the overall beauty regimen and the foundation of any flawless beauty look. For more than 100 years, P&G Beauty & Grooming has been improving the way women remove hair through in-depth research into razor and epilator technology. Learn More>

Questions and Answers
Whether you’re brushing up on your own hair removal know-how or searching for a solution, you’ll find the answer in our comprehensive Q&A guide. P&G Beauty & Grooming scientists set the record straight by dispelling the most enduring myths. Learn More>

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