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Formulation Science

Formulation science is a cornerstone of product development, requiring innovative technology to aid researchers in finding the most effective, safest and esthetically pleasing ingredients within P&G Beauty & Grooming products. Additionally, P&G Beauty & Grooming scientists seek out new ways to make current products last longer and research chemistry combinations to deliver multi-faceted products. Explore examples of P&G Beauty & Grooming's formulation science innovation below:

New Lightening System Improves Hair Fiber Quality

Recently, P&G Beauty & Grooming researchers have made the first new advance in permanent hair color technology in more than 50 years. P&G Beauty & Grooming has developed an entirely new concept for hair color, successfully harnessing the power of a highly efficient oxidative system while minimizing its damaging effects. The result is an entirely new hair color chemistry that will offer consumers a noticeably different hair color experience. Learn more »

Breakthrough Cleansing Technology Wraps Skin in Moisturizing "Ribbons"

Until recently, technology has not enabled a body wash to deliver high moisturization while still maintaining good cleaning. Many surfactants used for cleaning are known to be drying, and moisturizing ingredients can negate the effects of cleaners. Now, P&G Beauty & Grooming researchers have discovered a breakthrough patent-pending technology that breaks that paradigm-wrapping skin in thick lather, while providing outstanding moisturization. 
Learn more »

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