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Protecting the Environment

P&G Beauty & Grooming Environmental Science 

P&G was one of the first companies in the world to actively study the impact of consumer product ingredients on the environment. Ensuring the environmental safety of our products continues to be a commitment that P&G takes very seriously.

What happens to ingredients in products like Pantene® or Olay® after being used by a consumer? How much of these ingredients pass into the environment? What impact, if any, do these ingredients have on plants, animals and bacteria? These are just a few of the questions that P&G Beauty & Grooming environmental safety scientists ask to ensure that all ingredients and products are safe for natural ecosystems. All P&G Beauty & Grooming products have to be approved by our environmental safety group before they are cleared for market use. The science behind product environmental safety is also a critical component of our Beauty & Grooming sustainable innovation.

Protecting the Environment 

The first step in protecting the environment is understanding the environment. P&G's environmental safety organization helps to develop that understanding and ensure that products and ingredients are compatible with the environment.  

environmental safety


As our knowledge about the environment increases, methods of protecting the environment improve. Much of this effort is dedicated to understanding the fate and toxicity of P&G ingredients. Environmental fate involves determining where an ingredient goes in the environment and how much gets there.

Ecotoxicology is the study of the effects the ingredient may have on plants, animals and bacteria. Decisions to use a compound or not are based on environmental risk assessment, which combines fate and effects research. This also includes the study of accumulation of ingredients in aquatic organisms and indirect exposure to humans through the food chain.  

This section covers the different science fields and expertise we have built inside the company after years and years of research, including:

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