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Publications by Beauty Science Researchers

Take a look at some of the scientific materials coming out of P&G Beauty & Grooming. Explore white papers, scientific meeting posters and presentations, Breakthroughs Newsletters and Research Updates.

presentations, Breakthroughs Newsletters and Research Updates. Scientific Publications

Find scientific publications here, written by P&G Beauty & Grooming scientists. Find references to leading-edge publications on environmental risk assessment, toxicology and clinical research. Read more »

Scientific Meeting Materials

Find copies of P&G Beauty & Grooming scientific materials from various medical meetings, including SID, AAD, AAAS and the World Congress of Dermatology. Scientific posters have been formatted into a template and designed to allow a reader to easily understand the flow of thought and information from each study. Read more »


P&G Beauty & Grooming distributes the quarterly Breakthroughs Newsletter to summarize recent P&G Beauty & Grooming technology news of interest to stakeholders.

Newsletter XXII

P&G Beauty & Grooming is a leader in delivering products that provide a variety of scientifically meaningful benefits to consumers. From professional level anti-aging protocols, to anti-dandruff shampoos, to moisturizing body washes and advanced shaving regimens, each claim associated with these products must be backed by solid science and clinical research.  

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Research Updates

Beauty Research Updates are written and produced twice a year. These updates are more in-depth than the newsletters and contain more insightful research and findings within skin and hair care science. Skin and hair research remain the major categories of research and development at P&G Beauty & Grooming focusing on the following areas: skin tone, wrinkles, hair color and dandruff.

Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Texture

Anti-aging is an area of concern for many consumers and P&G Beauty & Grooming researchers. Not only is the market in demand for safe and effective products, but there is a growing demand for statistically sound high science to justify new research in this demanding area of skin care development. P&G Beauty & Grooming researchers take these demands and needs into consideration when studying different formulations and compounds.

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P&G Beauty Science Books

The World of Skin Care

Our skin is the outward appearance of who or what we are, or would like to be. But it is more than just a simple cover. It is the largest organ of the body - a complex and dynamic system that is vitally important to our health, and sometimes reflects it as well.

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The World of Hair

People all over the world see hair as important. In the west, for instance, almost all brides are prepared for their approach to the altar by the hands of an expert stylist. On that supreme day, their hair style may be the most elaborate they will ever have in their lives. At the opposite extreme, when a young girl of one of the aboriginal tribes of the Amazon jungle reaches puberty the women of the village ceremonially remove all the hairs from her head, one by one. The ritual significance and mystique of hair on these occasions are undeniable.

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