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Research & Development

For a consumer product company like P&G Beauty & Grooming, consumer loyalty is vital. P&G Beauty & Grooming believes that consumers buy products because they work. In other words, P&G Beauty & Grooming believes product performance must come first. To keep up with ever changing consumer demands, P&G Beauty & Grooming brands need constant innovation. P&G Beauty & Grooming scientists work tirelessly to make this innovation a reality.

Consumer Research

Consumer research is a science in its own right. At P&G Beauty & Grooming, consumer research experts use a broad array of techniques with the ultimate objective of collecting information that will be helpful to our product development team. Learn more »

Basic Research

All products start with basic, biological research. It is here that scientists explore genetics to gain a better understanding of human biological function, as well as delve into alternatives to animal testing. 
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Formulation Science

P&G Beauty & Grooming builds formulations with innovative science and chemistry, collaborating to create products that revolutionize the effectiveness of items like hair color and body wash.  Learn more »

Connect + Develop

It is important for P&G Beauty & Grooming research and development to collaborate with global partners from industry and academia. This includes seeking out innovative technology to be used and applied within the area of beauty science as well as developing more economically-friendly practices and products. The new technologies, practices and ingredients from these alliances are what continue to make P&G Beauty & Grooming a leader in beauty science.  
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Beauty Science Book

P&G Beauty & Grooming believes that science education is the key to helping physicians, cosmetologists, consumers and students understand how and why beauty products provide real results. The Beauty Science Book provides in-depth basic scientific information about hair and skin biology and chemistry, focusing on skin antiaging, skin tone evenness, hair color and dandruff prevention. Learn more »


Take a look at some of the scientific materials coming out of P&G Beauty & Grooming. Find scientific meeting publications, quarterly newsletters, research updates and other new material.  Learn more »

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