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The Science of Safety

P&G Beauty & Grooming scientific experts work together to ensure our products and their ingredients are safe before going on the market. We use well-established safety assessment methods to evaluate products, and are committed to informing our customers about product safety. The science behind the safety of our products continues to evolve as we develop new, innovative methods to advance safety research. 

P&G Beauty & GroomingHow We Evaluate

Safety Assessment 101

Safety Assessment is the process that virtually every government agency, industry, and you use to evaluate risk every day. In this section are examples of how you intuitively make risk-based decisions and how P&G Beauty & Grooming ensures the safety of our products. Read More »

P&G Beauty & Grooming

Who We Are

Safety Organization

Working together, teams of highly trained scientific experts make sure that P&G covers all areas of safety concern - both human and environmental. Read more »

P&G Beauty & Grooming

Why We Evaluate

Safety Principles and an Overview of Cosmetic Regulation

P&G Beauty & Grooming is passionately dedicated to ensuring the safety of our products and ingredients before they go to market. We consider this to be a requirement for conducting responsible business, and an essential element of building and maintaining public trust in P&G products. Read More »

P&G Beauty & Grooming

What We Evaluate

Product Safety

P&G Beauty & Grooming is committed to providing safe products to consumers and ensuring the safety of our products is a responsibility that P&G takes very seriously. Read More »

P&G Beauty & Grooming

Where We Are Innovating

Advancing Research

The science behind the safety of our products continues to evolve with the use of new, innovative testing methods. Read More »

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