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Use of a Facial Moisturizer Containing Pal-KTTKS Peptide

Rosemarie Osborne, Ph.D.; Larry Robinson, Ph.D.; Lisa Mullins, B.S.; Patricia Raleigh, B.S.; James Li, M.S., M.A.; Kukizo Miyamoto, Ph.D.;

Procter & Gamble Miami Valley Innovation Center, Beauty Technology Division



Pal-KTTKS is a pentapeptide that, as a fragment of collagen, acts in vitro to stimulate synthesis of connective tissue composed of proteins (collagen I, III, IV) and polysaccharides (GAGS, hyaluronic acid), as part of a feedback mechanism in fibroblasts. Previous clinical studies have demonstrated that use of facial moisturizers containing pal- KTTKS can lead to improvements in the appearance of photoaged skin. In the present study, the facial benefits of a pal-KTTKScontaining moisturizer on the appearance of facial texture, fine lines and wrinkles were determined.



Test Products

Pal-KTTKS (palmitoyl-lys-thr-thr-lys-ser) was obtained from Sederma, France. A unique aminopeptide containing formulation was evaluated, which also contained niacinamide, panthenol, and vitamin E in a serum-type facial moisturizer product at a concentration of 3 ppm. Responses were compared to a moisturizer base vehicle.

Clinical Facial Study Protocol

The clinical study was a double-blinded 8-week facial study on 35 to 65 year old women. The women applied the moisturizer products twice daily in a split face, randomized round robin study design. The study was designed so that there were 60 panelists per product. At baseline, 4 and 8 weeks, digital facial images were obtained and analyzed for changes in facial texture, fine lines and wrinkles by expert and self-grading, and by image analysis.



To evaluate the facial benefits of a moisturizer containing pal-KTTKS on the appearance of bumpy texture, fine lines and wrinkles in women with photoaged skin.


(Insert two bar graphs and skin image)


The pal-KTTKS product improved the appearance of bumpy facial texture (Fig. 1) and fine

lines/wrinkles (Fig. 2), as determined by imaging with quantitative analysis or expert

grading, respectively.

Improvements in facial skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles are apparent in the under-eye and cheek areas of the face

(Fig. 3).


These results demonstrate the benefits of a facial moisturizer containing Pal-KTTKS for

improving the appearance of facial skin aging.

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